Screening Tool

Do you or a loved one experience any of the following:

  1. Feel out of control when you eat and are unable to stop eating once you start despite feeling full?
  2. Feel guilty after eating or if you do not exercise daily?
  3. Find yourself preoccupied with thoughts about calories, carbs, etc.?
  4. Wish to have a better relationship with your body and improve your self esteem?
  5. Find yourself eating out of emotion in order to temporarily “numb” or “avoid” difficult feelings?
  6. Find your eating habits impact your social relationships, job, etc.?
  7. Eat foods that are exclusively deemed as “clean” or “healthy”
  8. Feel a general disinterest in food and struggle to get proper daily nutrition?
  9. Struggle to eat certain foods due to sensory issues such as texture, appearance, smell etc?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you or your loved one, may benefit from speaking with a counselor or recovery coach at One Hope Project. We do not require a person to be at a certain weight or to have an official diagnosis, nor do we think it is necessary, in order to improve your relationship with food, exercise and above all, your mind and body.


In addition to utilizing our services, we highly encourage you to also speak to a medical professional to address any concerns you may be having.